Hadrian and Antinous - Brittish Museum // I will build  a city and I will name it after you - March 2014.

I’ve found them! Sitting side by side, looking a little lost in the huge museum…. Nobody seemed to be paying attention to them but I did. I was glad I could say hello.

// These are personal pictures + You can find the original drawing here. //

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If your man tells you to go to a nunnery… that’s a deal breaker, ladies.

If your man won’t kill the king to assume the throne… that’s a deal breaker, ladies.

If your man was in love with a different woman the morning before he fell in love with you… that’s a deal breaker, ladies.

If your man leaves you at the altar because he listens to a disgruntled prince… that’s a deal breaker, ladies.

If your man runs off to war and declares himself an enemy of love to avoid you and you have to resort to a bed trick to get him to impregnate you so he will marry you… that’s a deal breaker, ladies.

if your man is about to take an enemy town with you but then backs off because his mummy told him so… that’s a deal breaker, ladies.

If your man murders your ex’s father, and later most of his own family… that’s a deal breaker ladies.

If your man refuses to lead an army to defend his kingdom and you gotta do it for him instead… that’s a deal breaker, ladies.

If you and your man can’t speak the same language… that’s a deal breaker, ladies.

If your man is so obsessed with obtaining your adopted child that he drugs you and tricks you into sleeping with a literal ass… that’s a deal breaker, ladies.

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Au programme d’aujourd’hui. 

Je suis resté sans voix. Etant originaire de Nice où se trouve le Musée Matisse, je connaissais la plupart des oeuvres exposées à la Tate Modern, mais je n’avais jamais eu la possibilité de toutes les voir au même endroit.

Et pouvoir découvrir les grands formats dans toute leur splendeur.. Une merveille! J’en ai eu les larmes aux yeux à plusieurs reprises.

Pour ceux qui auraient la chance et la possibilité d’aller voir cette exposition (jusqu’au 7 septembre), courez-y, volez-y, nagez-y à travers la Manche s’il le faut!

// Pour information, quand j’étais petite, j’avais un petit puzzle en bois du Nu bleu que l’on trouve sur l’affiche. Je passais des heures et des heures à le faire et le défaire…



lovely afternoon with ma fille and some collab drawings featuring the foldy conchita and chicken dude and a BEAUTIFUL gifted notebook from the girl herself. Go and have a peek @ her blog and society6

The Quentin Blake exhib was so neat and chatting with you/drawing with you was even more lovely! Chicken dude was the best tbh. I want to put him/her(?) on a frame back in Paris!

Pour ceux qui ne le savaient pas encore, j’ai rencontré Rubyetc hier. Nous sommes allées voir l’expo sur Quentin Blake, à la House of illustration et puis on a dessiné ensemble, dans un café. C’était chouette et doux. Internet et tumblr, c’est cool en fait. 


"Connecting the Dots"
Here is the piece I did for the Mosaic Science Website on the article “DIY diagnosis: how an extreme athlete uncovered her genetic flaw”. 
Art Director: Peta Bell.
To see my other 4 illustrations and to read the article please follow the link bellow:
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Sunday is for exploring

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story of my life


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SOOooo… It looks like I will finally be in London this week so if: 

  1. you follow me,
  2. live in the area,
  3. want to see my face in a totally non creepy way…

…I’m all yours! ;-)

Hit me up with a message on tumblr, we never know, things can happen!

// i’ll be there from august the 18th until the 24th. //


Lajeunefille…à la plage !! 

// Really quick doodle on the sand…just before the sea took it away!

Petite carte postale estivale! ;)

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❝ She is proud, she is struggling with herself; but kind, charming, generous. ❞
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jacques dor (via jacquesdor)
❝ Les chagrins sont comme les pierres des chemins ; ils font de pauvres étincelles. Ne frotte pas tes yeux, tes larmes y deviendraient des pierres, ta tristesse y durcirait. Laisse-les couler, tes chagrins. ❞
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rita-rabbit a réagi à votre billet “I’m so fucking tired of this shit.”

I know how you feel, I’ve been so mad at my friends here, but due to work reasons. This month has been one of the worse, so far. They are always letting me down. But hey, you can always have fun by yourself ;)

Yes, sure! I finally booked my hotel, so it looks like London will have me in the end. (fingers crossed) I was disappointed yesterday but I made my peace with it now! ;-)


Gemma Capdevila



Épatée par le travail de Lu Green. Ses paysages sont fantastiques. Visitez son site, et voyez si vous aussi, comme moi, vous ne rêvez pas d’escapades dans le Nord.

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// I’m crap at packing so I made little doodles of my clothes to help me visualize and be practical as well as fashiun.

Look at my perfect sense of style ! ♡ ☾ #lalala

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Si je pars en Angleterre, voilà ce que je prendrais !